STETH Corporation's 12 month Transitional Housing Program, offers residents the


opportunity to establish healthy, strong relationships within a safe/structured, & supportive


environment; assists clients in obtaining permanent safe/stable housing; assists clients in


becoming more self-sufficient and self-reliant; help to empower women and children, and help them to


be a greater asset within the community.



          By taking on a Holistic approach, clients are provided with comprehensive services;

while rebuilding and reclaiming their lives.  The program is transitional because it is designed to bring


about a change. STETH is devoted to transforming lives from instability to stability, from dependence to


independence, from failure to success. Through life skills and the appropriate resources, women 

will be able to gain the knowledge, skills, and tools needed for long term success!!




This home like setting offers quiet and private fully furnished rooms with outdoor enjoyment as well. It also offers areas for quiet reflection, housekeeping, self care, meal planning and healthy meal preparation that are among the life skills that we work to rebuild.  STETH Corporation offers the highest standard of respect for people within the community, ensuring that the house is safe at all times for all individuals.

Health and Wellness


STETH Corporation provides physical, mental and emotional care that helps women develop healthy mechanisms, relationships, and supports reintegration into their families and the communities.  This care contributes to their self-sufficiency, self-reliance, independence, and total successes. Thus, eliminating their condition of homelessness.  Programs and referrals are also available to our clients that are in need of food assistance, clothing, and other needed services.

STETH Corporation's mission for Striving Towards Excellence Transitional Housing:


* Empower women; help women to become self-sufficient/self-reliant/more productive. 

* Help women and or women and their children to live in safer conditions 

* Help women regain total control of their lives and eliminate their condition of        homelessness.  

* Become greater assets to the community

* Become one of the leading providers for Transitional housing and other needed community services in Harford County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and the surrounding areas; by improving the lives of women and or women and their families; by providing high quality services, and continuing to create new opportunities in areas of health, employment, education, and housing.

For more information about self or client referrals to this transitional housing program, please call us at 410-718-3224 today and ask to speak to an intake coordinator.

*Harford Co/ Baltimore Co/ Baltimore City and all surrounding areas
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T: (410) 718-3224

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